MA visual arts and curatorial studies

MA visual arts and curatorial studies

MA visual arts and curatorial studies

NABA’s two-year MA in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies is the only program in Europe that combines a solid education in visual arts production with highly specialized curatorial training.

You’ll explore visual culture, visual arts and performance, exhibition design, contemporary art management, curatorial studies, and art criticism, as well as arts writing and communication. You’ll participate in a wide range of laboratory projects that allow you to engage directly with artists and curators of international standing.


You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Learn a visual and aesthetic vocabulary for working with images
  • Deepen your knowledge of research and theoretical methodologies relevant to contemporary art
  • Advance your knowledge of art history, the art economy, and the contemporary art system
  • Develop advanced techniques in painting, drawing, graphic design, video, photography, sound design, and other media
  • Produce and display professional artistic works and curatorial projects
  • Develop professional-level skills in organizing and curating exhibitions and cultural activities
  • Learn to write about art from a place of deep understanding


The MA in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) as a Master of Arts degree (120 CFs).



Visual Arts I, Curatorial Studies I, Exhibition Design I, Publishing I, Photography I, Phenomenology of Contemporary Art, Theory and Methodology of Mass Media, and History of Exhibition


Visual Arts II, Curatorial Studies II, History of Contemporary Art, Visual Anthropology, and Economy of Art

+ Two optional exams between: Publishing II, Exhibition Design II, Photography II, and Semiotics of the Body



Graduates of the MA in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies program will have the theoretical, technical, and practical skills to launch a career as a(n):


  • Artist
  • Curator
  • Editor of specialized magazines and books
  • Art critic and journalist
  • Exhibition designer
  • Gallery or museum director
  • Consultant at an auction house
  • Art dealer
  • Director of a public institution


Campus: Milan

Starting Date: February 2019 / October 2019

Duration: 2 Years

Language: Italian / English

Title: Master Of Arts Degree

Credits: 120 Cfs


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