MA product design

MA product design

MA product design

The world of material goods design and production undergoes constant changes, constantly reflecting the changing needs, forms of communication and renewed lifestyles. This evolution raises important ethical questions and stimulates a broad conversation about what kind of society and environment we want to co-create. Within this debate, you as designer will play a key role if you are able to hold a wide vision about the relationships between products, sustainability, and urban life.


The MA in Product Design developed out of the MA in Design, first as a specialization and now as its own complete degree program.


You will learn a contemporary approach to design founded on the Italian design culture. You will explore the ideas and strategies of professional designers in order to develop your own personal design identity. You will analyze new reference scenarios on innovative topics and design or re-design objects through fostering an experiential and physical relationship with them.


Thanks to continuous interaction with faculty mentors and industry professionals, you will become a well-rounded designer who is able to direct all stages of product development, including brainstorming, design strategy, materials research, and actual production.


The MA in Product Design is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research (MIUR) as a Master of Arts degree (120 CFs).



Project Methodology, Rendering 3D, New Materials Technology, Integrated New Media, History of Design, Product Design I, Project Culture, Light Design.



Exhibition Design, Design Management, Brand Design, Multimedia Design, Product Design II, Interaction Design, Decoration



Graduates of the MA in Product Design will be prepared to enter the fields of design and product design in the broadest sense. In particular, they could take on the following professional roles:


Product manager or developer

  • Advisor or consultant for product design companies
  • Design manager
  • Design entrepreneur
  • Educator in a school or university


Campus: Milan

Starting Date: February 2019 / October 2019

Duration: 2 Years

Language: Italian / English

Title: Master Of Arts Degree

Credits: 120 Cfs


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