MA interior design

MA interior design

MA interior design

In our contemporary times, interior spaces play an increasingly important role in the definition of our individual and collective environments, inhabited and experienced by billions of people. The interior space is built substance, and entering into it does not mean entering an empty space but becoming part of a complex body.

Interior design can “activate” public and private spaces of contemporary cities: it is the tool that can express a soul and a meaning to the physical and mental spaces in which human life is defined. The interior designer builds new stories and new values in existing structures. It’s a professional capacity that society has always needed in history, and that will be always needed in the future.

The course deeply explores the issues and the methodological processes related to the design of interior spaces, with the aim of developing professional profiles that are mature, aware, trustworthy and flexible, able to express themselves successfully in the global market of creative jobs.

The course program exposes the student to several design experiences, guided by extremely skilled educators and professionals from Italy and abroad, in the wider educational context of the city of Milan, one of the most important world capitals of contemporary design, that belongs to one of the most historically and culturally rich countries in the world.

The course is recognized by Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR) as a Master Of Arts Degree (120CFs).


Project Methodology, Rendering 3D, New Materials Technology, Integrated New Media, History of Design, Interior Design I, Project Culture, Light Design.


Exhibition Design, Design Management, Brand Design, Multimedia Design, Interior Design II, Interaction Design, Decoration.



Graduate students will master theoretical, technical and design tools that are suitable for a professional path in a wide range of design fields, either in a studio associate form or as freelancers, which include:


  • Interior designer
  • Exhibition designer
  • Furniture designer
  • Exhibit designer
  • 3D specialist designer
  • Rendering specialist
  • Projects illustrator
  • Editor in publishing companies
  • Stylist
  • Decorator
  • Lighting designer
  • Brand designer
  • Interior design consultant for companies or showrooms
  • Interior design consultant for retail companies
  • Lecturer for higher education institutions


Campus: Milan

Starting Date: February 2019 / October 2019

Duration: 2 Years

Language: Italian / English

Title: Master Of Arts Degree

Credits: 120 Cfs


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