MA communication design

MA communication design

MA communication design

The MA in Communication Design program approaches business communication as a synthesis of economic and artistic dimensions. You’ll develop your expertise in both dimensions during this two-year program.


You’ll gain a solid background in integrated marketing communications, a field that combines traditional forms of marketing with new digital communications technologies. You’ll improve your proficiency in analog graphic design as well as the latest computer graphics programs. You’ll also have the chance to cultivate your skills in a rich variety of design production tools, including photography, Web design, digital video, and integrated new media. Alongside this expressive work, you will study the fundamentals of brand design, advertising, and journalistic writing to broaden your knowledge of the business side of the profession.


In project work with companies, you’ll practice the strategies you need to independently undertake all phases of complex communication projects, including art direction, project management, design, execution, and presentation. And you’ll develop a greater awareness of the sociological and ethical implications of the communications you create.


The MA in Communication Design program is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) as a Master of Arts degree (120 CFs).



Project Management I, Computer Graphics, Project Methodology, Design Management, Integrated Marketing Communication, Ethics of Communication, Graphic Design, Photography, and Web Design



Project Management II, Brand Design, Art Direction, Advertising, Sociology of Communication, Fundamentals of Journalism, Digital Video, and Integrated New Media



Graduates can employ the theoretical and technical knowledge they gain during the program within a wide variety of communication contexts, especially those characterized by complex design problems. Graduates of this program will have the skills to launch a career as a:


  • Communication designer
  • Marketing professional within studios, communication agencies, companies, and multimedia production agencies


Campus: Milan

Starting Date: February 2019 / October 2019

Duration: 2 Years

Language: Italian / English

Title: Master Of Arts Degree

Credits: 120 Cfs


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