graduação set design

graduação set design

graduação set design

Set Design is an art with broad boundaries, encompassing all that is required to stage a performance or an exhibition. In the BA in Set Design program, you’ll dive deep into the varied world of scenography and its many applications in performing arts: theatre, opera, cinema, and television. You’ll also explore the use of set design in staging exhibitions, events, temporary installations, and photo shoots for advertisements. You’ll learn how to:


  • Design and create scenery and props for theatre, television, and cinema
  • Create exhibition installations for art, design, fashion, and other events
  • Design and create costumes for plays, operas, musicals, and other shows
  • Design the lighting of outdoor or indoor spaces for productions
  • Organize theatrical and other events
  • Provide assistance to art and exhibition curators


You’ll gain significant field experience under the guidance of faculty members and scenographers in the entertainment and staging world.

You’ll develop skills with 2D and 3D design programs in addition to painting and graphical representation techniques. Through class discussion, teamwork, and experimentation, you will discover the specialization that best suits your talents.

The BA in Set Design program is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) as a Bachelor of Arts degree (180 CFs).



Scenography I, Digital Applications for Visual Arts I, History of Modern Art, Drawing for Design, History of Costumes I, Scene Design I




Aesthetics, Photography, History of Contemporary Art I, Direction I, Scenography II, Scene Design II, Theatre Costumes, History of Cinema and Video


Performing Techniques for Visual Arts, Scenography III, Direction II, Scene Design II, Digital Application for Visual Arts

+ One optional exam between: History of Performing Arts, Urban Design, Design of Audio Spaces

+ One optional exam between: Cultural Anthropology,  History of Costumes II, History of Contemporary Art II



Graduates of the BA in Set Design program will have the theoretical, technical, and practical skills to launch a career as:


  • Scenographer for theatre, film, television, advertising, events, fashion shows, exhibitions, and performances
  • Costume designer for theatre, film, television, advertising, events, performances
  • Production designer
  • Scenic director
  • Light designer
  • Stage manager
  • Toolmaker
  • Illustrator


Campus: Milan

Starting Date: October 2019

Duration: 3 Years

Language: Italian / English

Title: Bachelor Of Arts Degree

Credits: 180 Cfs

Specializations: Theatre And Opera, Media And Events


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