graduação design

graduação design

graduação design

The world of design is vast, encompassing objects, furniture, lighting, and interiors, as well as service and interaction design. In the BA in Design, you’ll explore a multitude of contemporary design challenges. You’ll gain the conceptual and technical skills to define and solve real design problems that designers face every day.

You’ll develop more sensitivity and passion for the world of objects: the cultural artifacts that both reflect and shape human life. You’ll also explore interior space, examining its interactions with objects and its function as a stage for individual and collective rituals.

Following a “learning by doing” approach, the BA in Design integrates theoretical studies with experiential workshops. You’ll investigate theories of color and form and learn new design tools and techniques, from manual drawing to 3D modeling. You’ll discover how to anticipate contexts of use, translate these into formal solutions, and choose suitable manufacturing methodologies. You’ll also determine aspects of product marketing and distribution.

In hands-on workshops, you’ll have the valuable opportunity to develop projects based on briefs given by real design companies. Guided by faculty members and industry professionals, you’ll work individually and in teams to gain experience with rendering tools, experiment with materials, and present your projects in a compelling way with digital presentation techniques. As you interact with people in various design roles, you’ll get a feel for the industry and make important connections.

The BA in Design degree is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) as a Bachelor of Arts degree (180 CFs).



Interior Design I, History of Design, History of Modern Art, Materials and Technology I, Product Design I, Digital Modeling Techniques I, Drawing for Design, Design System I



Interior Design II, History of Contemporary Art, Materials and Technology II, Product Design II, Digital Techniques and Applications

+ One optional exam between: Light Design, Accessories Design, Exhibit Design

+ One optional exam between: Anthropology, Marketing and Management



Design Culture, Technology of Materials III, Phenomenology of Contemporary Art, Interaction Design, Interior Design III, Product Design III,

+ One optional exam between: Urban Design, Design System II,

+ One optional exam between: Interior Design project research, Product Design project research

+ One optional exam between: Digital Modelling Techniques II, History of Cinema and Video, Photography, Aesthetics, Design Management



Graduates of the BA in Design will have the theoretical, technical, and design practical skills to launch a career as:

  • Designer
  • Interior designer
  • Social designer
  • Furniture designer
  • Event or installation designer
  • Service designer


Campus: Milão

Date: October 2019

Duration: 3 Years

Language: English / Italian

Title: Bachelor Of Arts Degree

Credits: 180 Cfs

Specializations: Product Design, Interior Design

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