graduação graphic design and art direction

graduação graphic design and art direction

graduação graphic design and art direction

As new graphics technologies evolve, so do approaches to company branding and advertising. In NABA’s BA in Graphic Design and Art Direction program, you’ll learn the multidisciplinary approach to graphic design and communication that today’s marketplace demands: a blend of graphics + digital media + advertising.

Brand identity design and advertising are the cornerstones of this program. You’ll solidify your knowledge of the fundamentals of graphic design (typography, layout, infographics, and packaging), and you’ll gain expertise with the latest computer graphics techniques (motion and 3D). You’ll focus on recent applications in the field of digital publishing (for tablets, smartphones, and the Web) and explore animated illustration within visual design.

Through a synthesis of research, business strategy, and creativity, you’ll define innovative communication approaches for businesses. You’ll learn by doing, creating individual and group studio projects under the guidance of faculty members and experts from the business world. Teamwork will help you bridge cultural and technological gaps and learn new perspectives from your peers. This program will prepare you for a career in advertising, digital publishing, or new media.

The BA in Graphic Design and Art Direction program is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) as a Bachelor of Arts Degree (180 CFs).


New Rome location subject to authorization by the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research)



Computer Graphics I, History of Modern Art, History of Applied Arts, Graphic Design I, Layout and Visualization Techniques, Semiotics, Art Direction I



History of Contemporary Art, Digital Technologies and Applications, Art Direction II, Graphic Design II, Marketing, Theory and Methodology of Mass Media, Communication Methodologies and Techniques


+ One optional exam between: Photography, Illustration, Creative Writing



Computer Graphics II, Phenomenology of Contemporary Arts, Project Methodologies of Visual Communication,


+ One optional exam between: History of Cinema and Video, Digital Animation Techniques, Photography, Layout and Visualization Techniques II


+ One optional exam between: Audiovisual Languages and Techniques, Brand Design


+ Two optional exams between: Aesthetics, Photography, Layout and Visualization Techniques II, Digital Animation Techniques


Graduates of the BA in Graphic Design and Art Direction will have the theoretical, technical, and design practical skills to launch a career as:


  • Graphic designer
  • Art director
  • Corporate identity designer
  • Copywriter
  • Web designer
  • Brand designer
  • Visual designer
  • Editorial designer
  • Retail and exhibition designer
  • Packaging designer
  • Illustrator
  • Visual designer
  • Creative diretor


Campus: Milan – Rome

Date: October 2019

Duration: 3 Years

Language: English / Italian

Title: Bachelor Of Arts Degree

Credits: 180 Cfs

Specializations: Brand Design, Creative Direction, Visual Design


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